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Adaco Steel separating strips

Adaco Steel separating strips

Where others fail

Adaco Steel separating strips are
perfectly suited for manual preparation
of the interdental space hardly
accessible with other instruments.

Perfect combination

The combination of a very elastic and
extremely dimensionally stable backing
steel and a high-strength surface coating
with high-grade corundum abrasives
guarantees a particularly high handling
comfort and the best grinding characteristics.

Technical data

Widths: 2 mm,  3 mm,  4 mm,  6 mm,  8 mm
Length: 135 mm
Thickness: one-sided coating: 0.15 mm
double-sided coating: 0.20 mm
Grains: fine: 40 µm,  medium: 50 µm,  coarse: 60 µm

Subject to technical changes and tolerance deviations.

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